14 Jun 2017
IBU Consulting Reputation Management

Reputation management is a basic yet highly effective element of maintaining any business on the web in an effortless manner. It is essentially vital as a method for managing issues and preventing critical issues from escalating to the degree that they might harm the brand. There are numerous stories of organizations that have fallen prey to nasty assault from contenders or disappointed clients.

News can travel unfathomably fast and this is particularly valid for bad news. If for any reason, you think that you may need to implement strategies to prevent such type of harm from occurring to your business it is good to connect with an expert to offer you some assistance. At Read more...

14 Jun 2017
IBU Consulting  SEO

Choosing SEO services is exceptionally like picking any expert service to have a powerful online presence. You have to do some research and discover the company that has a decent reputation and mastery in SEO and internet marketing. There are such a large number of organizations that it can be exceptionally hard to recognize between the great organizations and the not all that great organizations. However, the initial step is to set up precisely what SEO services you are searching for. You don't need be a specialist in SEO or its underlying aspects. You should do is to list the issues you wish to Read more...

13 Jun 2017
ibu digital marketing

As all companies struggling to cope up with growing competition it is important to working on new ways of generating business. Digital presence of your business is very important to sustain in this age. As more and more people use Internet search as first hand information about the business, it is very important to have online presence in one form or other.

Our company IBU consulting focused in helping businesses in maintaining and sustaining online presence in form of digital marketing and e-commerce. If your company is not performing any business online even then digital marketing is important as it keep your company information on top of web search. If your company fails to appear on first page of online search then it may Read more...

09 Dec 2016
ibu consulting e-commerce website Development

Today, more and more companies are using time tested tools and techniques to build their brand image and stay connected with their customers. In pursuit of the same they go towards e-commerce websites as well as app development. These two elements are highly suitable for businesses because they not only improve the overall sales of a business, but also create awareness amongst users. Businesses invest in both because they are real keys to success in this competitive era.

Moreover, businesses also use these two elements because they want to keep in touch with their customers. No matter whether you are selling greeting cards or any other repairing services, Read more...