As all companies struggling to cope up with growing competition it is important to working on new ways of generating business. Digital presence of your business is very important to sustain in this age. As more and more people use Internet search as first hand information about the business, it is very important to have online presence in one form or other.

Our company IBU consulting focused in helping businesses in maintaining and sustaining online presence in form of digital marketing and e-commerce. If your company is not performing any business online even then digital marketing is important as it keep your company information on top of web search. If your company fails to appear on first page of online search then it may be matter of grave concern. You may be dependent on traditional model of doing business but future is totally going to be digital and online. You may end up losing your customer base as more and more customer banking on digital presence and online reputation (in form of reviews) of the business.

We devised a VIBGYOR model to help such businesses who are new to digital world or already in digital world but struggling to get online footprints. Those customers who are already having good presence online cannot keep themselves assured of being in same stage as competitor may work out on digital policies to leave you behind. So businesses should continue to work on digital marketing and e-commerce policies and strategies.

What is our VIBGYOR model?

Colors of Rainbow in sequence are Violet Indigo Blue Green Yellow and Red. We also modeled digital marketing using same color pattern which will help you in which stage you are.

IBU Consulting Digital Marketing



Using our VIBGYOR model a client can easily understand next stage of his digital strategies and what to be done for all components of VIBGYOR.

Each component is dealt differently and requires different set of expertise making it difficult to hire people permanently to perform IT related functionalities.

Please contact us and we will explain you how we can help you in growing your business using digital marketing and e-commerce.